The Company

About Marie Danielle

MARIE DANIELLE is one of the Italian leading companies in the production of toiletries and courtesy products for Hotels and has been a market presence for more than 40 years. Marie Danielle is investing in research and constant innovation to keep the image of Italian-made courtesy product ranges in the limelight. Expertise and reliability, 100% made in Italy products, attention to style and design. These  are the strengths relied on to gain the trust of hoteliers. Today the company is managed by Fabio and Massimo Tramontana, respectively Operations Manager and Corporate Image Director. With aptitude and tenacity, the two brothers are carrying on the work begun by their father and uncle. These days Marie Danielle is one of the few remaining companies in Italy that is both a producer and a distributor. It is a company that has made "courtesy products" its core business, backing them up over time with a range of complementary and synergic accessories. Fabio and Massimo Tramontana are perpetuating the confirmation of constant growth and capillary distribution throughout Italy. Thanks to far-sighted vision, their gaze is now trained abroad, where they intend to conquer international markets. Marie Danielle can be considered a company with a dynamic spirit, firmly rooted in its principles but constantly evolving and attentive to issues of sustainability.